Conservative Republicans explain why Sen. McCain

obstructs POW/MIA investigations

 McCain betrays POW/MIAs

Get Involved

1.  Tell everyone you know about this website.


2.  Show everyone you know, Missing, Presumed Dead: The Search For America's POWs


3.  Hold screenings and have post-viewing discussion groups.


4.  Attend McCain rallies and ask Sen. McCain to make his POW records public.


5.  And ask why he has betrayed our POW/MIAs and their families.  (Bring a POW/MIA flag with you - it's like waving a crucifix in front of a vampire.)


(Eventually, Sen. McCain will have one of his notorius temper tantrums in front of the media and the voters will see why he is not suitable to be Commander and Chief.


6.  VOTE!